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Stella Maris Marina is located at the northern end of Long Island in the Bahamas.  A beautiful out island famously described by Christopher Columbus in his log book in 1492 as "The world's most beautiful island".  

Crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, this sun-blessed island affords the best climate year round.  The Gulf Stream warming the ocean in winter and pleasant trade winds cooling the shores in summer.  With some 35 quaint villages and around 4,000 inhabitants, the Island is uncrowded, socially stable and peaceful.  It represents the 'old' - the 'Out Island' ways and is hardly touched by modern tourism.  The perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

The Southern Bahamas enjoy the best of subtropical climate zones, crystal clear waters rich with underwater life, these waters are studded with reefs and ringed with beaches. Long Island is unspoiled, friendly and unhurried. Picturesque is the perfect word to describe Long Island. Home to one of the oldest dive operations in the islands, Long Island has numerous shallow and deep dive sites. The western shoreline of the 80 miles long island has soft sandy beaches capped with rich green mangroves. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east Long Island is a haven for fishing, sailing and yachting. A towering spine of ancient reef gives 80 mile Long Island two faces, the dramatic cliffs and caves of the east coast that front the crashing Atlantic waves and the soft, sandy edged lee side which slides calmly into the Bahamas Bank. 

Long Island is home to Columbus Point, this memorial to the peaceful Arawak Indians and the arrival of Christopher Columbus is perched high on a hill at the island's northernmost tip where visitors can experience outstanding oceanic views. You'll find sloping hills in the northeast, while low hillsides make up the southern portion of the island. It's the drastically contrasting landscape that makes Long Island one of the most picturesque islands in the Bahamas. The island beckons visitors for world class encounters with sea life, where divers and snorkelers explore gardens, caves and old plantation ruins. Long Island is also a quiet island dotted with quaint, friendly villages and miles of uninterrupted beaches that offer soft pink and white sand.

The nearby Stella Maris Inn is the longest established resort on the island and offers a variety of comfortable island style accommodation from standard hotel rooms to spacious 4 bedroom villas with outstanding views of the Atlantic Ocean.  Facilities at the resort include a top class restaurant, Moonshine Beach Bar with private beach and 3 freshwater swimming pools plus a natural salt water pool.  Various activities are on offer including sail boats, kayaks and bicycles with regular Rum Punch Parties for all guests.  Marina guests are offered free transfers with dinner reservations. 

Rent a car for the day and see what the island has to offer.  Explore this beautiful Island, Columbus Bay in the north and Dean's Blue Hole and Hamilton's Caves in the south. Dean's Blue Hole is the deepest in the world at 663 feet, the perfect place to spend the day snorkeling.

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